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We’re here for you, with a few changes to stay safe

We’re here for you, with a few changes to stay safe

For just shy of a year, we’ve watched neighbors become friends at our community table. We love what that space brings to our cafe and our community, but until things get back to normal, we’ve decided it’s best to pull those tables apart. Like many of the changes we’re making right now, it’s only temporary and only being done to keep our employees and customers safe.

With health and safety in mind, effective immediately we’ll only be serving drinks in paper and plastic cups, food on paper plates, and changing out our silverware for disposable versions. Once again, as soon as the public health emergency passes, we will return to our ecology-minded program of encouraging reusable cups, plates and silverware.

We’re also ramping up our stringent policy on cleanliness, and sanitizing all commonly touched surfaces many times throughout the day.

We invite you to stop in and take a relaxing break at JAM, knowing that we’re doing all that we can to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of everyone who walks through our doors. But we also ask that if you’re not feeling well, that you put off visiting us until you feel better.

Stay well, and we look forward to serving you as our community works through this together.