JAM Parkside | Coffee & Community | 7:30am - 4:00pm | 301 Parkside Ave 14214

About Us

About Us

JAM Parkside is about coffee & community.

JAM is set up in the Parkside community as a benefit corporation cafe, aiming to operate in a way that gives back to the community.

The concept was hatched by Amber Small and Monica Cichon, both long-time advocates for the Parkside neighborhood. They brought in Jesse Crouse, owner of Tipico Coffee, to help craft the perfect space.

“Jam is what the Parkside neighborhood has been waiting for,” said Crouse. “It will be a unique experience, available every day, it’s a brand new world class offering, reflective of the mix of forward-thinking and time-tested that makes up our world class community.”

JAM is focused on fresh food and beverages, featuring a coffee menu crafted from locally roasted Tipico Coffee and house made pastries.

Open 7:30am-4pm daily.

Please see attached for our 2020 Benefit Report: JAM Annual Benefit Report

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